Many thanks for stopping by our website.

Presently, you are reading the about us page. I’m not too sure what you are after by visiting this page since most web sites really have different uses with regards to the about us page. I’m going to use this page to inform you a little bit more about me and why I put this website together.

For me it is all about passion. I’ve got a passion for discussing subjects that are dear to me, ask anyone who knows me and they’ll certainly concur with that.

The topics that I love to talk about will always be linked to everything and anything about computers. My connection with computers actually began in the days when the Commodore 64 was still very popular. I could claim that many of you have no idea anything concerning this, but it’ll let you know about my age ever since I have been in this industry for so long as I could remember.

It was also due to the Commodore 64 that the programming and coding world was exposed to me. Will you actually think that my storage device back then was an old audio cassette recorder? From then onwards, I have been an avid self-taught coder and I’m constantly learning new languages and methods like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and more.

Through the years, I’ve been a Windows man simply because I like to tweak and tinker whatever I’m able to reach. Apple has always kept everything about their operating system a secret.

For quite some time, it has been an enjoyment for me to help folks master the computer, programming and coding. In the modern world the computer has grown to be a complete necessity and not an odd luxury reserved for geeks to play with.

I could state that my parents who are both in their 70s are a great example of how individuals have accepted this new technology.

It really amazed me how they were able to adapt to computer technology because they seek out question and answers on the internet, watch videos, do some photo editing and use emails and social to talk with our family members.

My son is already 10 years old and he was really comfortable in using computer technology for the last 3 to 4 years. It is really easy for him to use his phone, tablet or laptop to complete his homework, play games and watch videos.

I’m sure that today, you already get the whole explanation why I am attracted to computer technology and the other topics related to this. This is also among the reasons why I developed this blog. I also want to reach out to as many folks as feasible who also have the same passion. If I could be able to help individuals with their concerns, enjoyment and fascination on the world of computers, it would mean that my time is wisely spent on this website. If you need to know anything that is relevant to computer topics, you can me le know instantly. You could always drop an email or you could also leave a comment to my blog posts because I am always reading them.